City of Oswego                                                                          December 12, 2022


(Replaces policy adopted on June 13, 2022)

The City of Oswego establishes the following procedures and charges for setting an individual dumpster for a customer to use in the following circumstances:

  • Excessive amount of trash from moving in or moving out
  • Excessive amount of trash from cleaning out a room, building, or on the property
  • Construction & Demolition materials from a DIY remodeling project (such as 2x4 scraps, drywall pieces, carpet and pad pieces – no items longer than 48” in length)

These are items not allowed in the dumpster and if found in the dumpster, the resident must remove them before the city will pick up the dumpster:

  • Tires, Auto Parts
  • Brush, Yard Waste
  • Rocks, Bricks             
  • Plaster or Cement
  • Ashes
  • Hazardous Materials (paint, varnish, cleaners, disinfectants, auto oils & fluids, home & garden pesticides, household & car batteries, pool cleaners)
  • Items exceeding 48” in length or width
  • Anything sticking out above the sides of the dumpster
  • Materials from work done by a contractor.

If you are unsure if the materials can be placed in the dumpster, please call the City Office at 620-795-4433 beforehand.

Only 3-cubic yard dumpsters will be used for this service.  This service is available to customers and property owners inside the city limits and customers outside the city limits who have city water and trash service.  The city will make every effort to consult with the property owner about the placement of the dumpster, however, it must be set on a hard surface.  Once it is set, the customer is not to move the dumpster as it may prohibit access for pick-ups. Dumpsters will be set and picked up only on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. 

The fee for customers and property owners inside the city limits is $45 for the dumpster and the first dumping.  This must be paid before the dumpster will be set.  They are allowed to have the dumpster for up to 14 days.  After that, the dumpster will dumped and removed from the property unless the customer contacts the city office and pays $45 for another pick-up and up to 14 day time period.  Through a prior arrangement with the City Superintendent, the 14 days may be extended up to 28 days.

For customers (those that have water and refuse through the city) who live outside city limits, the fee for this same service is $55.  

Council approved this policy December 12, 2022.


                                                                        Daniel J. Chapman, Mayor



Jennifer Hine, City Clerk

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