At the December 2017 Council meeting the following policy was approved regarding special bulk refuse pick-ups on Wednesdays. This policy takes effect immediately.

  1. Customers may set out large refuse items, that WILL NOT fit in a polycart (such as furniture, applicances, etc.), out by the curb for pick-up.
  2. They need to call into the city office to get their name on the list for this service. 
  3. This service is available to all Oswego Residential Refuse Customers at no extra charge.
  4. Items that are not included in this service are:  rocks, car parts, ashes, hazardous materials, bricks, cement, construction and demolition materials, brush, leaves, tires and regular household trash.
  5. Any appliance that would contain Freon must have proof that the Freon has been removed by an authorized agent as the city must present this certificate at the landfill.
    There is no fee for this service.
  6. Please note:  If a customer has not called in and yet a pile of items has been sitting by the curb for a period of time, this will become a violation of the city's nuisance ordinance and treated as such..

If you are unsure as to whether the materials can be picked up, please call the City Office before taking anything to the curb..  (620-795-4433) This is a service that the City of Oswego provides as a convenience for our citizens and an incentive to keep the town cleaned up.  As with all services, misuse will jeopardize its existence.

Approved this 11thday of December by the Oswego City Council.

F.W. Cunningham, Jr., Mayor
Attest: Carol J. Eddington, City Clerk

At the December 2017 Council meeting the following policy was approved regarding the disposal of tires. This policy takes effect immediately.

  1. Customers inside the city limits may dispose of their tires by requesting a Wednesday bulk pickup for a fee of $8.00 per tire. 
  2. Customers must pay the fee in advance at the City Office.
  3. This service is only available to Oswego Residential Refuse Customers. Customers outside the city limits are not eligible.
  4. The city no longer picks up tires for free during the city-wide clean up week due to the expense of tire disposal and the lack of an indoor storage area.
  5. Please note: It is against the city’s current nuisance ordinance to store tires outside in your yard.  Citizens that have had tires outside on their property for a period of time will be in violation of the city’s nuisance ordinance and it will be treated as such.

The KDHE has issued an alert asking cities to work at getting rid of tires such as this in order to help stop the spread of the Zika Virus and other diseases. Tires are a hatchery for mosquitoes and a haven for snakes.
Most businesses that sell tires will also dispose of your used tires for a small fee.  The city would like to encourage citizens to dispose of their tires at the time they purchase their new ones.

Approved this 11th day of December by the Oswego City Council.

F.W. Cunningham, Jr., Mayor
Attest:Carol J. Eddington, City Clerk

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